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7th Feb 2011, 5:42 PM in Fundamentals of Attraction

Being the Nice Guy

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Being the Nice Guy
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Author Notes:

C. Glen Williams 7th Feb 2011, 5:42 PM edit delete
Few guys I've met have ever found themselves in the situation of being in the company of a woman who needs to change her torn clothes. But a few of them have been in the company of a woman who needed to change her clothes for one reason or another.

You'd be surprised how many of these guys make some argument to the effect of the one in the strip. "I'm a nice guy. I wouldn't ordinarily watch a girl change her clothes. So as my reward for being a nice guy, I should get to watch this girl change her clothes in this particular instance. You know, because I deserve it for being the type of guy who ordinarily wouldn't."

In real life, we call this "Ceding the moral high ground," AKA "You can't really say that and be the nice guy."

In film, it's called "Romantic Comedy."