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10th Dec 2010, 5:42 PM in Strange Adventure!

Noel Coward Does Not Endorse This Strip.

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Noel Coward Does Not Endorse This Strip.
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Author Notes:

C. Glen Williams 10th Dec 2010, 5:42 PM edit delete
I have yet to meet anybody who is not annoyed by "The Little Drummer Boy." And yet it keeps getting played.

Who listens to this song and enjoys it more than once a holiday season?


Thud 11th Dec 2010, 3:13 AM edit delete
There are some nice jazz arrangements of The Little Drummer Boy. I think the secret is for the song to sound as little like The Little Drummer Boy as possible.
C. Glen Williams 12th Dec 2010, 12:08 PM edit delete
So, @Thud, you're saying the secret to enjoying "The Little Drummer Boy" is to find the covers that sound nothing like "The Little Drummer Boy." That speaks volumes about the original work.
YISlash 13th Dec 2010, 6:18 PM edit delete
The only version of Little Drummer Boy I can tolerate is the Bing Crosby/David Bowie arrangement. Which adds to the evidence for Thud's point.
C. Glen Williams 13th Dec 2010, 7:37 PM edit delete
@YISlash -- oo, good call! Yeah, the pa-rum-pum-pum-pum (pum-pum-pum-pum, pum-pum-pum-pum!) works best when it's the counterpoint for an actual melody.