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4th Aug 2010, 4:42 PM in Fundamentals of Attraction

The Salt Burns, And So Do I

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The Salt Burns, And So Do I
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Author Notes:

C. Glen Williams 4th Aug 2010, 4:42 PM edit delete
I've been reading The Wicker Man: A Novel lately. Don't panic. It's based on the 1973 film. It has nothing to do with Nicolas Cage or bees. It's a fascinating read. The book came second, which usually does not bode well, but in this case Anthony Shaffer used it as an opportunity to add back the things that had been edited out of the film. It also provides a lot more insight into the actual conflict between Officer Howie and the people of Summerisle.

The original film had better music, too.

Although, if you find yourself in possession of the Nic Cage version, bear in mind it's much better with the RiffTrax.