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30th Jul 2010, 4:42 PM in Strange Adventure!

Where are the Failed Attempts of Yesteryear?

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Where are the Failed Attempts of Yesteryear?
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Author Notes:

C. Glen Williams 30th Jul 2010, 4:42 PM edit delete
David Stripe starred in my first ever attempt at a webcomic, 404: The Comic Strip! It didn't last long, never really got any story arcs going, and was eventually killed by college and rehearsals. But I miss those characters, and it only seemed right that David would be part of my 100th strip celebration.

If you want to see what the old strip looked like, I've posted one of them over at Flickr. It's kind of low resolution because back then, it pretty much had to be.

There was also the brief attempt at reviving David as a human character in my wannabe-Neil Gaiman phase. I think it lasted even less time than 404 did. But it had a few interesting characters, too.

Maybe some day.

FPK at 100 strips is the longest I've run a webcomic so far, and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Here's to the next 100.